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3 Day Hiking Tour in Iceland

This 3 Day Hiking Tour in Iceland is a combination of three separate day hikes. Each day’s hike takes you into a particular area of Iceland’s myriad of entrancing and captivating places.

  • Trees planted 3
  • Available all year
  • Duration 3 days / 2 nights
  • Location South Coast Iceland
  • Difficulty
  • Number of participants Min. 4, max. 16
  • Age limit No age limit

What you'll experience.

This 3 Day Hiking Tour in Iceland is a combination of three separate day hikes. Each day’s hike takes you into a particular area of Iceland’s myriad of entrancing and captivating places. These places are not just visually wonderful but they also evoke strong emotions that stir both the mind and the heart. By hiking in such areas, nature’s awesome grandeur can be fully appreciated and relished. Hiking also allows time to stand, to stare, and to permit the rich surrounding nature to envelop you.

By combining each of these three very popular and contrasting hikes (Þórsmörk, Fimmvörðuháls and Þríhyrningur), into a Combo Tour, the impact of experiencing such glorious landscapes is hugely memorable.

Note that this is a discounted combination of 3 day tours. Accommodation is not included. If you want us to arrange your accommodation please contact us and we will take care of it.

Included in final tour price.


  • Professional guidance
  • Pick-up & drop-off in Hvolsvöllur / Hella area
  • High quality fat bike
  • Beautiful sights and scenery

    Not included

    • Lunch & snacks
    • Accommodation

      What to bring.

      • Warm, wind & rainproof clothes
      • Good hiking boots
      • Camera


      • Þórsmörk valley
      • Þríhyrningur hiking trail
      • Fimmvörðuháls hiking trail


      Day 1

      Þríhyrningur hiking trail

      Located 10 kms inland from Hvolsvöllur, Þríhyrningur is a most striking mountain, with a presence all of its own. Þríhyrningur is located well away from the normal “tourist circuit” and so allows the peaceful and intriguing nature of Iceland to be deeply encountered and completely savored.

      From the Þríhyrningur summit(s), with clear visibility, superb and excellent views are gained in every compass direction. These views include Vestmannaeyjar, Þórsmörk, Tindfjöll, Hekla and the Fljótshlíð valley.

      This is a short afternoon hike, total hiking time is approximately 2,5- 3 hours.

      Day 2

      Þórsmörk hiking paradise

      Hiking the valley of mighty Thor, the Thunder God, explores a wilderness of outstanding panoramic views whilst breathing fresh mountain air.

      Surrounded by Mýrdalsjökull, Tindfjallajökull and Eyjafjallajökull, icecaps sitting atop volcanoes, this is a day to refresh the soul and greatly enhance your wellness.

      Your guide will also make a stop at some beautiful attractions along the way into/out of Þórsmörk, including Gígjökull, an Eyjafjallajökull outlet glacier from where a major glacial flood grandly cascaded during the 2010 eruption.

      The hike is around 8-10 km, or 3-4 hours. The path is uneven at times and the route takes you uphill and downhill.

      Day 3

      Fimmvörðuháls hiking trail

      Starting at Skógar, the Skógá river is followed (with 20+ waterfalls) and then between Eyjafjallajokull (of 2010 fame) and Mýrdalsjökull (with Katla volcano below).

      You will cross the the area that erupted in 2010, the newly formed lava filed is still warm with the two new craters Magni and Móði standing proud.

      Descending into beautiful Þórsmörk, here it is like standing atop the world, looking down on unimaginable, glorious creation.

      Super jeeps will drive you from Þórsmörk back to Hvolsvöllur area along rugged terrain, crossing unbridged rivers. The ride back from Þórsmörk valley is an adventure on its own!

      Distance: 24 kms; elevation 1,050m; hike 9-12hrs; total trip 11-14hrs.

      Tour operator

      This tour is operated by our friends at Midgard Adventure. The company is owned and operated by a local family that provides quality local knowledge and service.


      77.000 ISK
      Per person

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