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Northern Lights Super Jeep Hunt

This Northern Lights excursion is designed to create the absolute best experience. Sit back, relax and let your experienced guide lead you to the best spots to witness this extraordinary natural phenomenon.

  • Trees planted 2
  • Available jan, feb, mar, apr, sep, oct, nov, dec
  • Duration About 4 hours
  • Difficulty
  • Number of participants Min. 1, max. 10
  • Age limit No age limit

What you'll experience.

The Northern Lights are truly an amazing vision and an experience that should be savoured. This Northern Lights excursion was designed to create an extraordinary experience for those who like to take their time and enjoy the moment.

Your guide will start each tour by pre-planning the excursion according to the aurora forecast and of course the weather conditions. After which you will head out into the night in the most optimal direction. Your path may lead to river crossings and mountain ranges but you need not worry because the super jeeps used for transportation, are specially modified to tackle such conditions. Once (and if) the elusive lights appear your guide will pull over, set up the chairs and blankets, so you can sit back, relax and take in the spectacular show. When your settled your guide will break out the hot chocolate and Icelandic pastries known as ‘kleina’ (a sort of twisted, yummy doughnut) – all of which are included in the tour price. Could there ever be a better moment?

If you want to make this tour private, please contact us here and we will arrange that for you.

Included in final tour price.


  • Pick up & drop off at your accommodation
  • Hot chocolate & Icelandic Kleina
  • Camping chairs
  • Wool blankets
  • Experienced and very knowledgable guide

Not included

  • Warm clothes
  • Camera


  • Northern lights
  • Super jeep experience


  • Pick up at your accommodation in Reykjavík at 20:30. Please note that it can take about 30 minutes to pick everyone up.
  • Your guide will pre-plan the excursion with you, before you head out into the night.
  • Once the Northern Lights appear, your guide will set up chairs and give you blankets so you can enjoy the show.
  • Hot chocolate and Icelandic Kleina will be served.
  • After you have taken in this spectacular experience, your guide will head back to Reykjavík and drop you off at your accommodation.

Tour operator

This tour is operated by our friends at East West. Their belief is that to create memorable experiences it is necessary to let go of time and give into nature. They therefore emphasize on making frequent stops so their guests can take in all that Iceland has to offer.

East West certifications:

23.900 ISK
Per person

23.900 ISK