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Guided Reykjavík walking tour with food tasting, drinks and Volcano house

This tour offers you a unique experience with a guided Reykjavík walking tour that includes food tasting, drinks, and volcano house visit. 

  • Trees planted 1
  • Available all year
  • Duration 4 hours
  • Location Reykjavík City
  • Difficulty

What you'll experience.

An entertaining guided Reykjavík walking tour with food tasting, drinks and Volcano visit

Reykjavík is Iceland’s largest city. Well in fact it’s Iceland’s only city! Reykjavík is a vibrant city full of great restaurants, museums, stores, bars, clubs, galleries, swimming pools and breweries to name a few. Despite there only being around 100 thousand inhabitants in Reykjavík, the city truly gives off the vibe of a large city of millions. On this city walk you will taste the best of what Reykjavík has to offer, including local food and drinks.

This is the perfect tour for you to get the most out of your stay in Reykjavík. Visit the gems it has and taste authentic food. Dine out by the old harbour while having Icelandic fish, tasting Icelandic beers and making new friends. The best thing about this tour is you get to spend the day with a local guide. Make sure you do not miss out on this one.

Meet your guide outside of the entrance of Hallgrimskirkja church at 16:20. Start this tour by this marvellous cathedral and the greatest one in Iceland.
From there you will begin the delicious foodie part of this tour. Go on and have rye-bread ice cream, fish stew, arctic charr, shark, Icelandic spirit and so much more.
Make a stop by our most famous bakery and try authentic pastry which we in Iceland call ,,Hjónabandasæla” or in English ,,Happy marriage cake”.
Fall in love with their best cinnamon roll like every other person that tries it.

Walk down to the pond which used to be connected to the ocean and experience the wild birdlife of Reykjavik in the middle of a city.
Visit the volcano house and learn all about the fascinating geology here in Iceland and all about Iceland’s volcanoes.

End the tour by the old harbour and have the catch of the day, wine and few local beers.

What to expect on this tour:

Visit Reykjavík’s best bakery for Icelandic pastries

Taste the authentic Icelandic food and drinks

Taste the latest catch of the day

Try some of Iceland’s best beers

Walk around Reykjavík with a local guide

Do not miss out on this one

Included in final tour price.


  • Volcano house
  • Food
  • Beer
  • Drinks

    What to bring.

    • Appropriate clothing depending on weather
    • Smile
    • Camera


    • Highlights of Reykjavík City
    • Local food
    • Local beer
    • Cafe Loki
    • Volcano house
    • Brauð og co
    • Kopar


    Tour operator

    This tour is operated by our friends at Reykjavík Outventures. The company was formed by locals that wanted to offer tours with unique and personal experiences.

    16.900 ISK
    Per person

    16.900 ISK