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Whales and Northern Lights

The Whales and Northern Lights tour is Iceland´s ultimate winter combo of whale watching & northern lights in one package! Nothing beats Iceland in winter

  • Trees planted 2
  • Available jan, feb, mar, apr, sep, oct, nov, dec
  • Duration 6 hours
  • Location Reykjavík
  • Difficulty
  • Number of participants Min. 1
  • Age limit No age limit

What you'll experience.

The Whales and Northern Lights tour is Iceland´s ultimate combo of whale watching & northern lights in one package!

You can join both tours on the same day, or split them up between days. whatever is convenient for you!

The tour

The Whales and Northern lights tour is a combo tour base on two separate tours.

The Whale Watching part is available all winter long and takes about 3 hours, departing from the old harbor in Reykjavik. You will set sail out onto the open ocean and get a unique view of the city and surrounding mountains, perfect for photography. In good weather conditions you can see all the way to Snæfellsjökull glacier in the west of Iceland.

It takes about 30-45 minutes to reach the whale watching grounds and on the way your guide on board will tell you all about the history of the area, facts, stories and answer any questions you might have. When you’ll reach the whale watching grounds you will hear more about the whales and help the guide spot them out, they can come close to the boat or be further away. You can expect to see some or all of these species; Minke Whales, White-Beaked Dolphins, Harbour Porpoises and the great Humpback Whale from time to time.

During the Northern Lights part you will experience the most magical displays of auroras as they often appear in the skies of Iceland! Your guide will take you out to sea, just outside Reykjavik city, away from the city lights so that you can enjoy every moment of it. This is a hunt for the Northern Lights, and sightings can never be guaranteed – but after years of experience Special Tours have been able to give passengers the best possible chance to experience this natural phenomena. They also put great effort into making the on board experience unique and memorable!

The Whales and Northern lights tour gives you the possibility of seeing the always beautiful night sky and the city lights from sea is a very unique sight. During the tours you can roam around inside and outside the boat as you please, and the bar is always open!

Every passenger is offered warm overalls for the tours which has proven to be very popular and quite necessary in the winter months!

Important information

The tours are highly dependent on weather and sightings can not be guaranteed. We recommend checking your tour status on Special tour website or giving them a call on the day to make sure your tour is operating. We can never guarantee sightings as we are working together with nature, but we provide a service to sail out and search for the natural wonders, the whales or northern lights. However If you don’t spot anything on your tours we will allow you to join us again if possible.

Please note

Please note these are two separate tours

If you want more information about the Whales and Northern lights tour or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can either send us a message through the contact form or via email at info@nordicgreentravel.com.

View the weather forecast for the area.

Here you can see the Northern lights forecast for the next few days.

This tour is carbon offset through the forestry project Plant a Tree in Iceland

If you want to know more about Plant a Tree in Iceland, please visit the project at www.plantatreeiniceland.is

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Included in final tour price.


  • Guided boat tour
  • Free ticket to try again in case of no sightings!
  • Warm floatable overalls provided for your comfort (overalls also available in children’s sizes!)
  • Wi-Fi, coffee shop and souvenirs on board

    Not included

    • Lunch & snacks

      What to bring.

      • Warm clothes

      Tour operator

      This tour is operated by our friends at Special Tours.  They put great emphasis on offering excellent service and creating amazing experiences. They also continuously develop their service and range of products, as well as finding new ways to excel in whatever they offer.

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