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South Coast and Katla Ice Cave Tour from Reykjavik

A great South coast and Ice cave day tour where you will explore the more quieter and authentic side of Iceland.

  • Trees planted 1
  • Available all year
  • Duration 12 hours
  • Location South coast of Iceland
  • Difficulty
  • Age limit minimum age is 12 years old

What you'll experience.

A great South coast and Katla Ice cave day tour where you will explore the more quieter and authentic side of Iceland.

This South coast and Katla ice cave tour allows you to explore both the South coast of Iceland AND a natural ice cave in a single day tour from Reykjavik. No need to choose between the two. Relax, sit back, and be prepared to be awed by the incredible natural beauty you will see on your tour. This is a once in a lifetime adventure that you can only experience in this tour. This is the only tour that combines a South Coast tour with a visit to a natural ice cave in a single day.

The tour

You’re South coast and Katla ice cave tour starts when your guide picks you up from Reykjavík city. The small group will head to the South coast, as you move through the ever changing scenery towards the breathtaking South Coast. Your first stop will be at Hvolsvöllur for some coffee and snacks for the day. The next stop is the town of Vík where you will meet up with your guide for the Ice Cave tour. You’ll climb into a super jeep truck and take an exhilarating ride through the private back road of Vík to reach the glacier area.

Your safety is first priority. Visitors should never risk exploring an ice cave without a highly experienced guide, so after fitting you up with the necessary equipment (a helmet, head lamp and some crampons for your shoes), you will be provided with a full safety briefing before making our way to the cave. After a short (10-15 minute) walk across the glacier, we’re ready to enter our ice cave!

Saying that “visiting an ice cave is a once in a lifetime experience”, is certainly true. The ice caves are constantly melting and reforming. You will have around 30 to 45 minutes inside the cave, so you’ll have plenty of time to explore and take pictures of the crazy shapes and beautiful colors. You can ask questions, and learn all about how these magnificent structures are formed. After a short hike back to the super jeep, you will take another exciting ride through the wild local terrain on our way back to Vik.

This tour is an off the beaten trek experience that will show you the quieter, authentic side of Iceland. Far away from the crowds and the mainstream tours. The tour is guided by locals of the area. That ensures that you will be guided by someone who knows where all of the best ice caves are hiding!

After your Ice cave experience you will start your journey back to Reykjavik. On your way back to Reykjavík your adventure continues as you detour along Iceland’s ring road and pay a visit to two of its most famous waterfalls. Your next stop will be the thundering Skógafoss, where you’ll marvel at the power of this towering waterfall and learn all about the legend of the secret treasure that it hides. Our final stop will be at Seljalandsfoss, a truly
magnificent and picturesque waterfall where you can even walk behind during the summer months.

Please note

If you want more information about this tour or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can either send us a message through the contact form or via email at info@nordicgreentravel.com.

Check the weather forecast for the area this tour operates in; South Coast of Iceland weather forecast

This tour is carbon offset through the forestry project Plant a Tree in Iceland

If you want to know more about Plant a Tree in Iceland, please visit the project at www.plantatreeiniceland.is

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Included in final tour price.


  • Local guide
  • Expert ice cave guide
  • Minibus transfer
  • Super jeep transfer
  • Helmet
  • Head lamp
  • Crampons

    Not included

    • Food
    • Drinks

      What to bring.

      • Warm clothing
      • Waterproof rain gear
      • Hat
      • Gloves
      • Hiking shoes
      • Snow boots (essential)


      • South coast
      • Seljalandsfoss
      • Skógafoss
      • Ice cave


      Tour operator

      This tour is operated by our friends at Katlatrack. Katlatrack is owned and operated by a born and raised local from the Vík area.

      Katlatrack´s certifications:

      Tour operator

      36.900 ISK
      Per person

      36.900 ISK
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