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Reykjavík Whales & Puffins

The Reykjavík Whales & Puffins tour is the perfect combinations for those who want more bang for their buck. Two popular tours in one amazing package.

  • Trees planted 2
  • Available jun, jul, aug
  • Duration 6 hours
  • Location Reykjavík
  • Difficulty
  • Number of participants Min. 1
  • Age limit Suitable for all ages

What you'll experience.

The Reykjavík Whales & Puffins tour is a combo consisting of two tours, first you will go on the puffin tour on a smaller boat where we take you to one of the three islands just off Reykjavík where each year thousands of birds come to breed. After the puffin tour you have some free time in the harbour or city centre before the whale watching tour starts. During the whale watching part you will sail off into Faxaflói bay where you are likely to see Minke whales, dolphins and porpoises (maybe even Humpbacks or Orcas if we are lucky!).

Timings and tours are as follows:

 08:00 Puffins & 10:00 Whales

 12:00 Puffins & 14:00 Whales 

Make sure to check schedule for available spots on your preferred date!

Puffin watching is a fun and easy adventure on a boat. Depending on the tides and conditions on the islands the captains will take you to either Akurey, Engey or Lundey. The islands are well known for their plentiful birdlife and in addition to puffins you have the opportunity to view other birds such as eider ducks, arctic terns, guillemots and cormorants. The island’s shores are rocky but our captains know the best spots to get close to the puffins in their natural habitat. If the weather is right the captains might even turn off the engines so that you can enjoy the nature better and listen to the bird’s calls. During the tour the crew will tell you interesting facts and tales about the puffins and the surroundings. The puffin tour is roughly 1 hour.

Summer season is great for whale watching, as the wildlife in the bay is at its highest peak. This is the time when the Minke whales are at their most abundant, along with the white-beaked dolphins and harbour porpoises, giving you the chance to enjoy and understand them in their natural environment. The whale watching tour lasts around 3 hours overall.

Included in final tour price.


  • English guidance
  • 3 hour (approx.) whale watching tour on a big boat
  • 1 hour puffin tour on a smaller boat
  • Free WiFi on board whale watching boat

    What to bring.

    • Sturdy shoes
    • Appropriate clothing


    • Minke whales
    • Dolphins
    • Puffins
    • Other maritime species

    Tour operator

    This tour is operated by our friends at Elding. Elding has worked hard on minimizing their environmental impact and is a part of projects such as Earth Check, Blue Flag, and Vakin the Icelandic environmental and quality label.

    Elding’s certifications include:

    EarthCheck logo 2016 EarthCheck logo 2016 EarthCheck logo 2016 EarthCheck logo 2016 Blueflag logo

    16.600 ISK
    Per person

    16.600 ISK