Our mission is to be the leading responsible travel agency in Iceland and help travellers travel in a more responsible way around Iceland.
We are a fully certified travel agency and proudly take part in various projects that are aimed at bringing travel in Iceland to more sustainable ways.

Responsible tourism in Iceland

Nordic Green Travel is a proud participant in the Responsible tourism project in Iceland. The goal of the project is to maintain Iceland’s status as an optimal future destination for travelers by supporting sustainability for future generations.

Main emphases and how we will do it:

  1. Demonstrate exemplary behaviour and respect for nature.
    All tours sold on our website will be carbon offset in collaboration with The Kolviður fund. Nordic Green Travel will also take part in, and manage various environmental projects aimed at reducing the negative effects of travel and keeping our nature beautiful for our future generations.
  2. Ensure the safety of our guests and treat them courteously.
    Nordic Green Travel will strive to inform travelers as much as possible on how to travel safely and responsibly. We will keep information about safe and responsible travel on our website to make it easier for people access necessary information. Costumers who choose Nordic Green Travel will also receive the information along side their booking.
  3. Respect the rights of employees.
    Nordic Green Travel will ensure and respect the rights of all employees. We will follow laws and regulations regarding labor rights as well as enforcing the equal pay for equal work act.
  4. Have a positive impact on the local community.
    One of Nordic Green Travel’s missions is to work towards better distribution of travelers around the country with the aim to support and strengthen local communities.

You can read more about this responsible tourism project here.

Carbon offsetting

Nordic Green Travel has from the start been an environmentally friendly operation. The core of our operation is about helping travellers minimize the negative effects of their travels in the easiest way possible and with that try to get more travellers to take steps towards more responsible travelling and consumption. All tours sold through our website will be carbon offset at our very own forestry plot. Read more about our carbon offsetting project here.