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Road trip to friðheimar iceland

…but let’s not call the whole thing off!

Instead, I want to tell you about a very distinct and unforgettable dining experience you can have during your travels in Iceland!


When I was a kid, one of my favorite treats was a tomato. I would chomp into that bad boy like it was an apple. Sprinkle some salt on it and voilà:


To this day I’ll order tomato juice on a plane when I’m flying or kick back with a Bloody Mary when I’m dining out.

I think I’ve made myself clear.

I freaking love tomatoes.

Hardcore tomato enthusiast in the house!

So, you best believe that when I learned there is a greenhouse restaurant in Iceland that specializes in tomatoes, I knew I had to visit if it was the last thing I did!


Road trip to friðheimar iceland
Who would have thought Tomatoes could be grown in a country that draws its name from ice and snow!

Friðheimar Restaurant in Iceland is a family-run greenhouse restaurant that focuses on sustainability and responsible tourism near Selfoss, about an 80-minute drive east of Reykjavík.  At Friðheimar, three varieties of tomatoes are grown year-round under artificial lighting supplied at the greenhouses, providing delicious bounty for its tomato-themed menu.  

Guests can tour a working greenhouse…

road trip to friðheimar iceland
Stay long enough and you’ll see a caretaker using this contraption to slide down the aisles collecting tomatoes ripe for picking!

…and take the opportunity to dine in its quarters:

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Road trip to Friðheimar iceland
The greenhouse is a lovely environment in which to relax and fuel up after all the exploring you’ve been doing. Warm those fingers and toes! It’s toasty inside!

You won’t believe the view from your table!

Friðheimar road trip iceland
Guests dine right alongside tomato plants as they enjoy its fruits.
Pretty incredible that this lush tomato oasis exists right in the heart of the country despite Iceland’s oftentimes harsh and unforgiving climate! What a juxtaposition!

Guests can also enjoy a fresh menu offering all things tomato, from drinks to dessert. Come for their famous tomato soup buffet! Or, if you’re feeling extra adventurous, try the tomato beer or tomato ice cream!

road trip to friðheimar iceland
Who doesn’t love a side or two of carbs with their tomato soup?! With the buffet you’ll have your selection of freshly baked breads from which to choose. Try them all! I did!
Can’t you just smell the sweet aroma of basil hanging in the air from here?!
Each table is adorned with a potted basil plant and guests are free to help themselves.
Don’t mind if I do!
road trip to friðheimar iceland
Digging. In.
We were given a sour cream, cucumber salsa, butter, and fresh herbs to enjoy with our tomato soup and bread. Fresh, fresh, fresh!


And, if you’re looking for souvenirs, look no further than The Little Tomato Shop located within the greenhouse where you’ll find gifts and sundries for every tomato lover.

After all, it’s all tomatoes, all the time, at Friðheimar!


The family also breeds Icelandic horses and puts on a horse show!
Who wore their hair better?


The Friðheimar restaurant in Iceland is very popular!  The unique experience of dining alongside a fully functioning greenhouse as well as enjoying its tomato-themed menu makes this a must-do for many travelers. Therefore, I recommend booking in advance to ensure you are able to go when it works best in your travel schedule. I’d hate for you to be turned away!

Note: this restaurant is all about tomatoes. If tomatoes aren’t your jam, your best bet is to dine elsewhere as you won’t find tomato-less options here. Still, stop by simply to see the greenhouse, visit its gift shop, and greet the horses! A good time sans tomatoes can still be had!


Friðheimar isn’t just a restaurant. It’s an experience. Come and see for yourself what the buzz is all about and why this restaurant continues to be an Icelandic highlight for many!

My only piece of advice left to give, then?

Bring an empty stomach.

I told Nordic Green Travel I wanted to visit “the tomato restaurant” while I was in Iceland and they were on it! Not only did NGT help me figure out where in our itinerary we could fit in a trip to Friðheimar, but they also made our reservations for us. All we had to do was show up…it was just that easy! Nordic Green Travel can do the same for you. Contact them for more information!

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