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Best road trip tours in Iceland

Til hamingju með það / Congratulations! You’ve decided to travel to Iceland!

Chances are we haven’t met but, if you’re headed to the Land of Fire and Ice, I can already tell that you are a smart one indeed!

I’m also guessing that having made the choice to travel to Iceland, chances are you may now also be feeling a little, shall we say, overwhelmed.


I so get it.

Iceland is a magnificent country, and though rather small in population (fewer than 400,000 people), it packs a big ol’ punch. This is a country teeming with incredible places to see and discover, hike and explore.

It’s enough to make even the most seasoned traveler’s head spin!


When I first started planning for and researching my own trip to Iceland, I began by creating a google map of starred places I was adamant we accomplish during our seven-day trip.

Sounds easy enough. Right?

Not so fast.

When I was finished, I was staring into an Icelandic abyss that looked like this:

self drive tours in iceland
HELP! How do I make sense of this?! Sending up a flare!

At the same time, I was also accumulating a lot of questions in my research, like:

  • Should we make the cool and charming capital city of Reykjavík our home base? Or, venture out into the vast Icelandic unknown, where we may or may not meet our maker at the bottom of a crevasse?
  • How to choose among the approximately 8574 once-in-a-lifetime activities, excursions, and tours offered in Iceland?

Rock, Paper, Scissors, or…?

  • Coming from Minnesota, could we handle an independent self-drive tour in wild and unpredictable Iceland? (Minnesotans are hardy and hella amazing. Answer: resounding YES).

But just because we could, did that mean we should?

  • The Blue Lagoon: cheesy tourist trap lying in wait to snatch all our money? Or delightful and relaxing respite not to be missed? Discuss.
  • Could we survive on pylsur (Icelandic hot dogs) alone for the duration of our trip? And would a feat of this nature merit us a special spot in the Guinness Book of World Records? Asking for a friend.
  • And what about the Icelandic language? I couldn’t say Eyjafjallajökull once, let alone five times fast!

Non-starter? Or non-issue?

I was beginning to doubt my capabilities to navigate such a foreign landscape unassisted and knew we needed major help and fast.

Gratefully, I would find just that and so much more with, you guessed it:

Nordic Green Travel.


Let’s face it: we’re just Amazon people living in an Amazon world and have become accustomed to a nameless, faceless way of doing business. We hop online, order something, and can have it delivered to our homes without ever speaking to another soul.

Don’t get me wrong. This can have its merits!

But when planning a once in a lifetime trip or dream overseas excursion, nothing can beat personal, attentive, one-on-one service, and that’s exactly what I received with Nordic Green Travel.

Nordic Green Travel is a local Icelandic company run by its co-founders, Daði Már Steinsson and Grétar Ingi Erlendsson, who saw a vision for their native country’s booming tourist industry. Their desire, in their words, is:

“…to make sure that the amazing nature of Iceland stays intact by incorporating sustainability into our business practices. We aim to be the leading responsible travel agency in Iceland.”

I implore you not to find that inspiring and cool!

They carbon offset all tours and you can even plant the trees yourself!

Total inspiration and cool-factor aside, choosing Nordic Green Travel for your trip to Iceland also means that you’ll be getting:

  • Friendly and knowledgeable guidance.

Daði and Grétar are born and raised Icelanders passionate about their home country. These two know their stuff and will set you on the right path and steer you in the right direction.

Every. single. time.

  • Patient and attentive communication.

Nordic Green Travel focuses to ease your concerns and put your worries to rest. They seek to thoroughly answer all your questions, no matter how small or silly, in a timely and resourceful manner.

And I had some very silly questions. Trust.

  • Personal and customized services.

NGT’s aim to is to help you get everything you desire out of your trip to Iceland and more. They went above and beyond to include all my points of interest into my itinerary (see map of horror above for a refresher).

Not an easy feat, folks!

  • A crash course in Icelandic culture.

Conversing with a native Icelander in my planning meant I got to learn all about the culture long before I even touched down in Iceland. It added a level of enrichment to the experience that even the Amazon Primes of the world cannot match!

You’ll be learning as you go.

  • The opportunity to be a responsible steward of Iceland.

Nordic Green Travel wants to provide you exceptional service while simultaneously caring for their beautiful country. Choosing them means you are actively supporting their environmentally conscious efforts to offset the effects of tourism in Iceland.

And that? That just feels good.

Nordic Green Travel, quite simply, is a gem of a company that provides travel service that is unmatched and just plain rare in this day and age:

A true Icelandic treasure!


Again, congratulations on your upcoming trip to Iceland! If you’re anything like me, you are spending every waking moment researching, dreaming, and counting down the days.

Isn’t the anticipation the best?!

But if you’re planning it alone, you might also be feeling confused.  After all, a trip to Iceland means there’s oodles of information to take in, a myriad of logistics to work out, and countless decisions to be made.

You might be freaking out in an up-to-your-eyeballs, in-over-your-head, I-have-no-idea-what-I’m-doing sort of fashion.

Not that I’m speaking from experience.


The good news? You don’t have to go this alone! A better way awaits!

Please take it from this former client and now forever fan:

Choose Nordic Green Travel.

Aside from your decision to travel to Iceland, it’s the smartest choice you’ll make.

You don’t have to navigate planning your trip to Iceland alone! Let Nordic Green Travel take the reins!  Choose from one of their self-drive tours or have them customize an itinerary for you that suits your specific travel goals and preferences. You can peruse your tour options here.

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