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Why choose us?

At Nordic Green Travel we strive to make every visit an adventure of a life time! By choosing our services, you can be sure that you will receive professional service from your own personal travel expert from the moment of first contact until you arrive back home. At the same time you are taking a stand with nature.
  1. Professional & personal services
  2. Expert staff that cares for your every needs
  3. Great local knowledge & travel experience
  4. All tours sold are carbon offset with no extra cost for you!

Nordic Green Travel has from the start been an environmentally friendly operation. The core of our operation is about helping travellers minimize the negative effects of their travels in the easiest way possible and with that try to get more travellers to take steps towards more responsible travelling and consumption. All tours sold through our website will be carbon offset at our very own forestry plot. Read more about our carbon offsetting project Plant a Tree in Iceland.